MarQ Porciuncula, born on January 29th in Hamburg, Germany, was a prodigy in music and dance throughout his childhood.
His growing interest in performing arts eventually led him to a casting for the German televised singing competition, Popstars, in July 2003. With over 13,000 participants, MarQ was unexpectedly chosen and his life as a superstar unfolded.

On November 3, 2003 Meiko, Akay, Ken and MarQ were launched as OVERGROUND and their first single "Schick mir nen Engel" simultaneously claimed the number one spot on the Media Control Charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and received a Gold record. Inevitably, their debut album "It's Done" eventually achieved a Platinum record. Within a few months, OVERGROUND succeeded in becoming the most popular and successful boy band within the territory.

After their last single "Hass mich" OVERGROUND decided to take a break and MarQ P. is now flying solo as he records his own songs and prepares himself to take a step further.



Zitronen-Kuchen/Lemon-Cake a la MarQ P.

Zitronen-Kuchen/Lemon-Cake a la MarQ P.

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